Racing to the boarding gates

Travelling over the years saw me through the basic procedures and to-do's of vacations and check-in's. Through the packing of little luggages, stuffing in a warm snoozy sweater, getting down through to the airport via a taxi, tagging the less-than-20kg worth of items in a luggage through the check-in counter armed with a passport and a boarding pass, going through the boarding area an hour in advance and sitting nearby the check-in gates for a good coffee before getting up through the gates for the security checks, boarding and awaiting the warm meals served on board with the occasional coffee, getting out of the airport at the arrival hall and making my way through to the hotel for a check-in, I've learnt much over the decade-odd years. Perhaps that's why I've grown that accustomed to always being on-the-go with a toothbrush set and a passport in my oxford satchels.

I love that feeling of jetting off to the airport and chilling by the check-in gates. I love that feeling of checking into the snuggly hotels and checking out the amenities and room-service menus that dad & mum has always taught me since I was eight, whereby now my favourite would always be finding that pair of guest slippers provided by whichever hotel I would reside in for that certain night. I've grown that accustomed to that bit of thrill whenever I check-in and that surprise I would try to find before getting into the room, picturing what the stay would be like. Through and through all these I've learnt to love boutique rooms the most, like how one would often emphasise on the 'feel' of the room, the ambience that it provides would not be short of anything soothing & often feeling like it has that glimpse of warm sunlight setting in with the cream-white stone walls, pink bean cushions, a walk-in wardrobe, a little mini-bar with two satchets of instant coffee and tea, marbled tiles for a see-through glass bathroom and warm face towels. It feels so much like waking up on a lazy weekend and having pancakes and eggs benedict for brunch in a cozy little place. Boutique hotels bring so much love and it now makes me feel so lazy to climb out of the sheets. Love, X